• Health

    International Medical Assistance Program (AMI), which aims to provide free medical and health assistance to the most needy populations in African and Latin American countries
  • Ophthalmological campaigns

    Fight against blindness in Senegal and fellowships for ophthalmological training in Turkana
    Campañas oftalmológicas
  • Farmasol Project

    Opening of Solidarity Pharmacies in Africa to facilitate access to medicines for people without resources
    Proyecto Farmasol
  • Scholarships for schooling

    Granting educational scholarships in more than 20 countries to children whose families suffer significant economic needs
    Becas de escolarización
  • Reina Sofía School

    Construction of a school in Haiti to host 380 children after the fateful earthquake that struck the country in 2010
    escuela reina sofia new
  • Promotion of education in Ethiopia

    Start-up of classrooms for school reinforcement in Abobo
    Promoción de la educación en Etiopía
  • Reconstruction of the Shree Bumedhevi School

    Financing of the reconstruction works of a school in Nepal after the earthquakes of 2015
    Reconstrucción de la escuela Shree Bumedhevi
  • Diver Children

    Schooling of the children who worked in the Rafey dump and funding of the school Cometas de Esperanza
    Niños Buzo
  • Alisol Project

    Providing fresh food to Charities in Mallorca that help the most needy people
    Proyecto Alisol
  • Construction of a well in Kenya

    Drilling of a well and parcelling a land in Kaikor so that 45 families can develop an agro-food industry
    Construcción de un pozo en Kenia
  • Solar panels in Uganda

    Installation of 14 solar panels in Nakaseke, an area with great difficulty in accessing electricity
    Paneles solares en Uganda
  • Capella Mallorquina

    With the sponsorship of the Barceló Foundation, the choir develops a great variety of concerts that consolidates it as a musical reference and with recognized prestige, both national and international
    Capella Mallorquina

Photo-AM-809-[1600x1200]-1p The Barceló Foundation is a non-profit organization, initiated by the Barceló family on October 24, 1989, set out in a public document, and legally authorized by Notary Mr. Salvador Balle Oliver, of Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

With an initial grant of 3 million euros, the Barceló Foundation was registered in the registry of the foundation protectorate of the ministry of education and science of the government of Spain, with the number bal 1-1-3-16, on july 19th, 1990.

The Foundation’s headquarters is based in Palma de Mallorca (Spain), within an historic building – Casa del Marqués de Reguer-Rullán’s House- listed in Mallorca’s cultural heritage charter.

The programs of the Barceló Foundation are preferably aimed at the countries in África and latin america most in need.

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Barceló Foundation: making a global impact

La Fundación en el Mundo

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El I Concurs de Música Ciutat de Felanitx selecciona a sus candidatos

Este sábado 20 de enero de 2018 tuvo lugar en el Conservatori de Felanitx la primera selección de candidatos para el I Concurso de Música

News // 22.01.2018

Fundación Barceló y Fundación Dilaya luchan en el Congo por el acceso de las niñas a la educación

Ambas entidades han firmado un convenio de colaboración para garantizar la escolarización de 20 niñas desfavorecidas de entre 5 y 11 años en Kinshasa. 

News // 17.01.2018

Cierre del plazo de inscripción del I Concurso de Música Ciutat de Felanitx

Esta noche finaliza el plazo de inscripción del I Concurso de Música Ciutat de Felanitx, patrocinado por la Fundación Barceló.

News // 15.01.2018

 February 2018
Editorial News

Editorial News

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