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Masterful performance of the Capella Mallorquina in the Torrent de Pareis

2018.07.04 //

On Sunday, July 1st, the Mallorcan choir, sponsored by the Barceló Foundation, offered a concert in one of the most idyllic scenes of Mallorca, in the municipality of Escorca.

The program offered by the Capella showed the enormous versatility of the veteran formation, in a musical journey where very varied works, both in style and time and also from very different countries and regions, were heard.

From our Balearic Islands the choir performed some Mallorcan works such as “Ciutat de Nàpols” or “S’Estrella de s’Auba”, the Menorcan “La novia d’Aljandar” and the formentera “Cant de Pagesia”, very rhythmic and festive.

From the Baroque era two very different works were performed: the very jocular “Ja tenim un nou Prefecte”, by the great Johan Sebastian Bach and the delicate “Hymne à la nuit” by the Frenchman Jean Philippe Rameau.

Changing completely in style, the Capella performed the “Rainbow White”, a piece for women’s voices sung in Hebrew and the “Siyahamba”, song of the Zulu tribes of the South African region. The end was put by several popular pieces as well as some black spirituals, much loved by the public for their rhythm, deep feeling and contagious enthusiasm.

The performance of the Capella was at a very high level, highlighting the participation of the soloists Catalina Borrás, Cristina Van Roy, Elena Nosova and Marga Pons, very applauded by the public.

It is an unmissable event for fans who each year gather a large audience. On this occasion, it reached a thousand people, who enjoyed the program offered, and forced the choir sponsored by the Foundation, to make three encores, due to the deep ovation received.