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With your donations we can work to help those most in need in some of the most under-developed regions of the world; working as efficiently as possible to ensure that the on-going humanitarian aid projects benefit as many people as possible. Your contributions, no matter how minimal, are so highly appreciated and will make a very real difference in the lives of so many.


Associació Balear d’Escleròsi Múltiple (ABDEM)

Novedades Editoriales
The Barceló Foundation has awarded a grant of € 11,294 to the Balearic Association of Multiple Sclerosis to finance the project “Get Active“, aimed at young people between 16 and 35 years old suffering from multiple sclerosis. The purpose of the project is to inform, train and accompany these young people to improve their skills in self-management of the disease and promote an active and healthy lifestyle.
Thanks to the funding from the Mallorcan foundation, a number of activities have been carried out for family and affected individuals, including a training workshop for family members with the aim of providing resources and support to the families of those affected by multiple sclerosis. On the other hand, also worth mentioning, is a mind-fullness workshop that has been realized to fight the emotional stress fruit of the uncertainty that this degenerative disease generates and that affects about 48,000 people in Spain.

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Asociación Síndrome Down Baleares (ASNIMO)

The Barceló Foundation has awarded a grant of € 10,588.24 to the Down Syndrome Association in the Balearic Islands to finance the project “Leisure and Free Time Program for People with Disabilities”, aimed at young people over 16 years of age. The aim of the project is to create a meeting point in which 65 young people with Down Syndrome can interact with their peers in a standardized leisure environment through three modules: the weekend program, the therapeutic leisure program and the extracurricular activities program.
Thanks to the funding from the Mallorcan foundation, a paddle-tennis center and a bar-restaurant have been opened at the association’s own headquarters, which are run by people with Down Syndrome.

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The Barceló Foundation has awarded a subsidy of € 8.341.64 to the Association AMÉS to finance the project “Psychological Care for Wardship Underage Children.” The aim of the project, aimed at young people between 13 and 17 years of age with problems, is to complement and expand the scope of the functions of the psychologist, in order to effectively and efficiently respond to the children living in the three centers that AMÉS manages.
Thanks to the funding from the Mallorcan foundation, Ricardo’s schedule (the association’s psychologist) has been extended and more specific work sessions and workshops have been held with each of the young people.

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Award of € 11,647.06 to the project “Psychosocial Support and Guidance for Young People with Physical Disabilities”, to accompany and support a group of 16 young people with physical disabilities in the process of psychological acceptance and adaptation to their situation, as well as to promote their participation in the community, favoring their autonomy and quality of life and expanding their social support networks.

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Asociación Parálisis Cerebral Baleares (ASPACE)

Collaboration € 11,647.06 on the “ASPACE Breaths” project to organize and programme leisure and free time activities, during all non-academic periods, for young people with cerebral paralysis and/or related disabilities, who can not be cared for by their families for reasons of rest, hospitalization and / or illness, or for the reconciliation of family, personal and work life.

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Fundació Down i Més

Therapies for users with Down Syndrome” consists in the realization of therapeutic treatments for children with Down Syndrome from the age of 6, which is when more work is needed with people with this syndrome, with the aim of being integrated into The world today, especially in the years of schooling. For this, the Foundation collaborates with € 5,000 in the project. 

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NAUM. Proyecto socioeducativo Hermanas de la Caridad San Vicente de Paul

Support for the “Accompaniment into the Social and Work Inclusion of Young People at Risk and/or Social Exclusion” with a funding of € 12,00. 45 young people in situations of social exclusion will be accompanied to meet their personal,social, training and labor meets in order to achieve their social and work integration.

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Pastoral penitenciaria

Funding of € 2,953.00 for the project “Opening Windows“, a full participation program for children and mothers from the Mothers Unit of the Penitentiary Center of Mallorca, in a fully standardized educational activity in the Casal of Lloret de Vista Alegre.

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Assocació Pa i Mel

The purpose of the project “Lets Grown Together” is to offer social, psychological and emotional support to mothers in situations of isolation and social exclusion and difficulties with their children. The Foundation collaborates with € 11,645.06 for its development.

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La Sonrisa Médica

The Barceló Foundation has awarded a subsidy of € 5,000 to La Sonrisa Médica to finance the project “Program of Actions of the Clowns in the County Hospital of Inca“. The purpose of the project is to respond to the identified need for emotional attention and support to the patient through the visit of the hospital clowns once a week, specifically Mondays, providing the necessary means through games, the music, joy and magic to contribute to the psychosocial support of patients with outpatient pathologies , serious condition, invalid, with chronic pathologies and their relatives.
Thanks to the contribution of the Barceló Foundation, Sonrisa Médica is already present in 4 of the public hospitals in Mallorca: Son Espases, Son Llàtzer, County Hospital of de Inca and Hospital de Manacor.

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3 Salut Mental

The Barceló Foundation has awarded a subsidy of € 11,294.12 to 3 Salut Mental to finance the implementation of the project “Work Placement for People with 22 to 33% Mental Disabilities”. The purpose of the project is the employment of people with mental health problems and a disability of the aboved mentioned percentages, as well as contributing to their normalization and social and labor integration.
Thanks to the foundation’s contribution, a training workshop on Job Training will be given in Palma (Gira-Sol) and Manacor (Estel de Llevant) to provide users with the necessary tools and strategies to carry out a work search autonomously. This training, aimed at people with mental health problems, will be structured in 25 group sessions and individual support tutorials and will last until the month of June.

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Dentistas sobre Ruedas

Entidad sin ánimo de lucro, fundada en 2006 y formada por dentistas, profesionales de la cooperación y voluntarios de diferentes sectores. La finalidad de la asociación es organizar y coordinar distintos proyectos para mejorar la salud bucodental y general, en países y regiones con carencia de servicios sanitarios, así como fomentar la educación y los hábitos higiénicos en estos países.
La Fundación ha destinado 20.000 € para el “Segundo Gabinete Clínica Dental Solidaria Coloma Vidal” para la atención de personas en situación de vulnerabilidad. En concreto se ha contratado a una higienista auxiliar y profesionales odontólogos.

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Fundació Natzaret

El proyecto “Camí cap a l’autonomia” proporciona a cuatro jóvenes que, al haber cumplido los 18 años, deben abandonar el centro de protección. A través de este programa, pueden vivir en un piso de acogida en el cual encuentren un espacio que servirá de instrumento para la preparación de la autonomía personal suficiente, se cubran las necesidades básicas personales y formativas para facilitar su integración social y laboral, y consigan pasar de una situación de dificultad social a otra de normalización, inclusión social y autónoma. Para ello la Fundación ha financiado el proyecto con 37.647,06 €.

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Fundació Respiralia

Dotación de 37.647,06 € para el proyecto “Educar es salud en Fibrosis Quística” para el fomento de la autonomía personal, el automanejo de la enfermedad, fomentar los valores orientados a la consecución de la adecuada integración social y mejorar la calidad de vida de 58 niños y jóvenes con Fibrosis Quística de Baleares y 5 procedentes de otras comunidades del territorio español, un apartado fundamental en el tratamiento de la enfermedad que no cubre la administración pública.

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