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The Barceló Foundation celebrates the Annual Monitoring Commission for the Donation of Maria Vich

2018.01.25 //

Once a year, the Felanitx artist knows the activities and exhibitions carried out by the Foundation to make known her donated work, amounting to 362 paintings that add to the Foundation’s heritage.When Maria Vich made the first donation to the Barceló Foundation in 1996, it undertook to take care of her work and at the same, time spread it among all Mallorcan society. For this reason, each year, the Foundation organizes several samples of its pictorial collection, both at its headquarters in Palma and at the Center d’Art i Cultura in Felanitx.

The annual meeting of the Follow-up Commission, held this morning in the boardroom of the Barceló Foundation, was directed by the Art Director, Pilar Pujol, who explained to the attendees the main activities carried out in 2017 and the planned ones for 2018, such as the “I Maria Vich Painting Contest” that will take place in October.

In addition to the painter and her nephew, Sebastià Vives, Joana Català, General Director of Culture of the Balearic Government, Maria Antonia Barceló, President of the Barceló Foundation, Rafael Torra, General Director of the same and Pilar Pujol, responsible of art.