The Barceló Foundation

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With your donations we can work to help those most in need in some of the most under-developed regions of the world; working as efficiently as possible to ensure that the on-going humanitarian aid projects benefit as many people as possible. Your contributions, no matter how minimal, are so highly appreciated and will make a very real difference in the lives of so many.


The Barceló Foundation is a non-profit organization, initiated by the Barceló family on October 24, 1989, set out in a public document, and legally authorized by Notary Mr. Salvador Balle Oliver, of Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

The Barceló Foundation was registered in the ‘Register of the Foundations’ Protectorate of the Education and Science Ministry of the Government of Spain’, under the number BAL 1-1-3-16, on July 19th, 1990.

The Foundation’s headquarters is based in Palma de Mallorca (Spain), within an historic building – Casa del Marqués de Reguer-Rullán’s House- listed in Mallorca’s cultural heritage charter.

What is the Barceló Foundation?

From its inception in 1989, the Barceló Foundation has focused its activities in the areas of Health, Education, Development Cooperation, and Culture and Art; thereby aiming at the holistic development of the person, and the community as a whole.
Its projects include the AMI Program: focused on improving the health of the neediest people groups, and raising the overall quality of life through improved health care education, in the targeted area.

Because of evidenced needs, the Foundation is devoted to focusing special attention to rural areas, and endorsing funding strategies through micro-credit schemes, mainly through women. Such projects promote local, sustainable production development, and serve to resolve specific local needs in the community.

The Foundation works also to educate and promote sustained socio-economic growth through improving education, economic self-sufficiency, housing conditions, caring for the needy as well as infant and maternal health care, in some of the most economically and socially deprived and vulnerable countries in the world.

The overriding philosophy of the Barceló Foundation is to help those in most need, working as efficiently as possible to ensure that its activities benefit the greatest number of people possible.

The Barceló Foundation programs mainly target the neediest countries in Africa and Latin America.

Mission, Vision, and Values

The Barceló Foundation was created on October 24, 1989 as an initiative of the Barceló Oliver family. Since then, it has worked to help improve the overall holistic development of people in their own environment.


To contribute to the improvement of economic and social development of disadvantaged people, particularly in the poorest countries of Africa and Latin America, in the areas of health, education, comprehensive development of people and especially in improving the quality of life of women.

To work towards the development of agriculture and environmental preservation.

To promote culture, introducing the Majorcan paintings of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

All such activities are underlined by the Foundation’s principle of social responsibility.


To be active identifying viable projects and unmet needs, and thereby seeking to create and undertake innovative ways to obtain the best outcomes for such beneficiaries.

One of the fundamental ways the Foundation promotes social responsibility is by being open to the ideas and opinions of local partners, who share our ideals and can provide a better understanding of the reality of their environment, identifying with our values, and working at professional standards and commitment, with whom we establish long-term relationships based on trust..

  1. Efficiency, in the way we manage our resources, endeavouring to target the largest possible percentage of the funds available to the actual activities of the projects and reducing the management expenses to the ‘strictly necessary’ for the Project’s suitable functioning.
  2. Appropriately controlling and following up our projects to ensure the effective fulfilment of the target objectives.
  3. Transparency, both in the execution of the projects, and in placing at the disposal of any entity or authorized person the detailed financial information related to the Foundation.
  4. Responsibility, diligence and accountability in the execution of the different activities.

Ambit of operation

The Barceló Foundation works in countries ranking below ‘100’ in the Human Development Index, elaborated by UNDP (United Nations Development Program), and especially in countries ranking over that mark, yet having high levels of inequality within its population. Our aim is thus to improve this situation and to avoid the marginalization of much of the population in the poorest areas of the country.