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With your donations we can work to help those most in need in some of the most under-developed regions of the world; working as efficiently as possible to ensure that the on-going humanitarian aid projects benefit as many people as possible. Your contributions, no matter how minimal, are so highly appreciated and will make a very real difference in the lives of so many.

Donation of Bartolomé Sastre to the Barceló Foundation

2018.12.27 //

The artist from Pollensa donates the work entitled “Card game”, increasing the artistic heritage of our Foundation.
The oil, made in 2018, staged a frame of the movie “A tram called Desire”, by Terence Williams, starring the famous Marlon Brandon.

Bartolomé Sastre was born in Pollensa, a small town in Mallorca, a meeting place for important artists. At age 14, he traveled to Barcelona to study Fine Arts at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Back on the island, he was part of the group of painters and the artistic environment of his town, although the greatest luck was to meet the one, who for 10 years was his friend and teacher, Xim Torrens Lladó, a world-famous painter both for his landscapes and for his portraits.

In 1980 he began to exhibit his works both in national and international galleries. But his fame began to grow rapidly as a result of his first exhibition at the Austin Gallery of Texas, with whom he has collaborated for more than 16 years. Then came Shanghai, Dubai and Tehran.

In Mallorca, Bartolomé Sastre has exhibited in various places, to highlight among others, the Illes Balears Foundation and the Barceló Formentor Hotel. As a gesture of his gratitude to the latter, Sastre has donated one of his paintings to the family Foundation.