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Meeting of the Autonomous Council of Foundations of the Balearic Islands

2018.11.06 //

The foundations belonging to the Council, including the Sophia Foundation, the Sa Nostra Foundation and the Yannick and Ben Jakober Foundation, met today to create new strategies in the Balearic founding sector.

The meeting took place this morning at the headquarters of the Barceló Foundation (San Jaime 4, Palma) and was attended by Isabel Peñalosa, Director of Institutional Relations and Legal Advice of the Spanish Association of Foundations (AEF); Rosa Gallego, Director of Institutional Relations, Finance and Autonomous Councils of the same and Rafael Torra, General Director of the Barceló Foundation and member of the Board of Directors of the AEF. Likewise, Paula Gost and Carlos González, representing the Balearic Government’s Unique Registry of Foundations, were present.

Digital transformation, social innovation, citizen involvement, transparency, collaboration and impact are some of the great challenges of civil society that have been analyzed in a day that has also sought to strengthen the sector and facilitate the exchange of experiences between these non-profit entities.

In the Islands there are 177 active foundations, which benefit more than 635,467 people and employ other 3,814. The gross added value of the foundational sector in the Balearic community is 502 million euros, which represents 16% of the GVA of the Spanish foundational sector.